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Independent by nature, I dream of leading my life on my own terms. Technology & Travelling are the two words that fuels the engine of my life! A Digital Marketing and eCommerce Strategist with over 10 years of experience in leading eCommerce, Digital Marketing Operations. Travelling is definitely fun but when you do it in exactly the way you want, it becomes all the more enjoyable. Be it searching trekking opportunities near by village to finding my way of holidaying on one of the popular hill stations of India to relaxing with my beloved on the beaches of Maldives, I seek something unique in each and every place. Here, let me welcome you all in my quest for adventure and excitement! Sharing my experiences with you, I relive those beautiful moment of my life. Join me on my journey to the unknown!

Market Place for Online Sellers, Buyers, Exporters & Importers

I had lots of comments on my previous post: “How to Sell Products Online in India?” where few people were looking to source products for their online store and other were looking to sell their products in bulk to already established online marketplaces. So I thought lets have a common page where people can share their contact details publicly and people from other side can contact them..

You can share your details here now….

6 Quick steps process to start selling your products or services on the web!

6 Quick steps process to start selling your products or services on the web!

If you want an overview, I have already written a blog on How to Sell Products Online in India?. Since there are many people willing to get in-depth on this topic, I decided to elaborate each of the listed steps in detail. Here is the 6 Quick step process to start selling your products or services on the web!

  1. Figure out what to sell online
  2. Decide which eCommerce solution is best
  3. Start building your online store
  4. Secure your domain name
  5. Determine how you’ll get paid
  6. Spread the word

Note: I have already started putting up details into each of the above listed points.. will share here in few days..

How to Sell Products Online in India?

1. If you already own a business, and currently selling your products in the traditional market &  now you also want to increase your current customer base by also selling your products online.


2. If you want to start a new business, where you don’t want to setup any physical store and just want to sell your products to customers all over the world through Internet?

This is the checklist that can help you to sell your products online in India:

  1. A domain name
  2. A shopping cart software / Website
  3. Web hosting (optional)
  4. Payment Gateway (online payment processing system)
  5. Online Marketing  (optional)

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Should I start my career with SEO?

There is a Blog from Digital Marketing Academy, getting trained in SEO or Search Engine process would really help one? especially for freshers!

Does it help freshers to get a job? If so what kind of jobs and what is the career path, what would be the average salary..

Answers for all these queries, click here to find: Freshers! Why get Trained on SEO?